Unit 10: Texas During the Great Depression and World War II



This unit bundles student expectations related to the Great Depression and the Second World War. This unit is primarily a study in dealing with crisis. While Texas’ economy was affected by the Great Depression the devastating effects were not as bad in Texas. Many Texans did not invest in the stock market and thereby avoided the effects of the crash of the stock market. However, many Texans were affected by the severe drought and devastation that brought about the Dust Bowl, especially Texans living in the Panhandle. During the Great Depression Texans took on leadership roles at the national level, working to address the economic crisis. Texans and Texas also played a significant role in the Second World War. Texas was home to the training bases for women pilots and to internment camps during the war. Texans were part of the war effort and the Second World War contributed to economic growth in Texas during the 1940s and 1950s. An examination of Texas during the Great Depression and the Second World War is important for understanding the expanding influence of Texans in national events.

Prior to this Unit

Prior to this unit, students studied about the early development of the oil industry in Texas, the efforts of reformers, and the effects of the First World War in Texas. In Grade 4 students studies about the Great Depression and Dust Bowl as well as learning about how Texans participated in the Second World War.

During this Unit

During this unit, students learn about how the Great Depression and Dust Bowl came about, how leaders from Texas contributed on the national level to address the effects of the Great Depression, and how the Second World War affected Texans. Additionally, students continue to develop historical inquiry skills by acquiring information from various sources, identifying multiple viewpoints in sources, and evaluating sources for bias and validity. The social studies skills TEKS 7.21A; C; D; F; and G included in this unit support the historical inquiry process that should be incorporated into classroom instruction and assessment.

After this Unit

In the next unit, students study about civil rights movement and the shift to political conservatism in Texas that occurs following the Second World War.

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