Unit 09: Modernizing Texas in an Age of Oil



This unit bundles student expectations that address the development of the oil industry in Texas, the advance of reform movements in Texas, and the effects of the First World War on society in Texas. This unit is primarily a study of growing power. At the beginning of the twentieth century the Texas coast was devastated by a hurricane. Rebuilding after the hurricane brought political and economic changes to Galveston and Texas. It was also during the early decades of the twentieth century that the oil industry in Texas began. During this time Texans played a role in national events including the progressive reform movements and the First World War. An examination of early twentieth century events in Texas is important for understanding the broader role Texas was taking in national political affairs.

Prior to this Unit

Prior to this unit, students studied about economic development in Texas in the latter half of the nineteenth century by examining the cattle and agricultural industries as well as the building of railroads in Texas. In Grade 4 students learned about the creation of the oil industry in Texas and the accompanying urbanization.

During this Unit

During this unit, students learn about the devastation the 1900 hurricane that hit Galveston, the early development of the oil industry, the participation of Texans in reform movements, and the effects of the First World War in Texas. Additionally, students continue to develop historical inquiry skills by acquiring information from various sources, identifying multiple viewpoints in sources, and evaluating sources for bias and validity. The social studies skills TEKS 7.21A; C; D; F; and G included in this unit support the historical inquiry process that should be incorporated into classroom instruction and assessment.

After this Unit

In the next unit, students study about Texas during the Great Depression and the Second World War.

Source: TEKS Resource System

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