Map #9

There are four parts to include on Map #9:

Part #1: Mark the locations of:

  • Battle of Palmito Ranch
  • Battle of Galveston
  • Battle of Brownsville
  • the general area(s) in favor of secession
  • Austin
  • the general area(s) against secession
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Battle at Laredo
  • Battle of Sabine Pass
  • the POW camp in Rusk
  • Fort Griffin
  • Beaumont
  • Matamoros
  • Brazos Island


Part #2: On the back of your map:

  • Explain why Texas voted to secede and why Houston was removed from office.


Part #3: On the back of your map, answer:

  • What type of actions were taken by vigilante groups against Unionists.


Part #4: On the back of your map:

  • Discuss why each side of the war wanted to control port cities/access.



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