Map #8

There are five parts to include on Map #8:

Part #1: Mark the locations of:

  • the direction people traveled to accomplish Manifest Destiny
  • the “spot” from Lincoln’s Spot Resolution
  • Brownsville
  • Eagle Pass
  • Battle at Palo Alto
  • Battle at Resaca de la Palma
  • Dallas
  • Nacogdoches
  • New Bremen
  • Praha
  • New Braunfels
  • Brownsboro



Part #2: On the back of your map, answer:

  • Why did Texas have to write and ratify a new constitution to become a state?


Part 3: On the back of your map:

  • Describe the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo.


Part 4: On the back of your map answer:

  • In what ways were immigrants attracted to Texas? Identify and explain 2 successes and 2 challenges they faced upon settling in Texas.


Part 5: On the back of your map:

  • Summarize the impact the outcome of the Mexican-American War had on Mexicans living in the new political borders of Texas proper.




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