Map #2

There are four parts to include on Map #2:

Part #1: Shade the map according to Native American tribes’ regions:

  • Gulf
  • Southeastern
  • Plains
  • Puebloan


Part #2: Label where the following tribes were typically located:

  • Caddo
  • Karankawa
  • Atakapa
  • Kiowa
  • Tigua
  • Coahuiltecan
  • Jumano
  • Apache
  • Comanche
  • Jornada
  • Tonkawa


Part #3: In each region, draw a picture and write 2 words showing you know something unique about each tribe.

  • If you do not know anything unique about each tribe, use the textbook or your mad-crazy-internet-research skills to find the information. Or check your journal or binder. 


Part #4: On the back of the map, discuss 2 positive and negative interactions the Spanish explorers and Native tribes had with each other.

  • This part is not optional.
  • Write 2 paragraphs minimum.



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